Kahului Airport Expansion

Kahului Airport is in the planning phase of a $36 million dollar improvement to the southern concourse. The improvements would add an additional 400 seats for travelers and an additional 27,000 square feet.

The goal is to keep the unique design the current airport has while increasing areas for walkway traffic, seating and enlarging restroom facilities. Also proposed is an outdoor garden deck that would feature native plants.

Construction will hopefully begin in early 2020. The first phase of the project is estimated to take a year to complete and phase two over two years.

New Rental Car Facility In Kahului

Kahului opened the brand new Consolidated Rent-A-Car (CONRAC) Facility this week. The project is the largest single works project on Maui.

CONRAC took three years to build and has created hundreds of local jobs. No taxpayer dollars were used in the $340 million project. All the money was raised via car rental customers. The CONRAC has all the major car rental companies in one location. The structure is over 1 million square feet and is being praised for its esthetically pleasing appearance.

A new free tram will shuttle passengers from the airport to the CONRAC. A roundtrip on the tram will take approximately only 6 minutes.  The Kahului Airport rental car industry generates the most funds of all the Hawaii rental car facilities. Daniel K. Inouye Airport in Honolulu is scheduled to complete their CONRAC facility in 2021. Travelers and locals alike will appreciate the reduction in traffic congestion.

Uber And Lyft Approved For Kahului Airport

Any transportation network companies that have been licensed by the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission or a county agency, will soon be able to do drop-off and pickups at Kahului Airport.

This is the first the rules for commercial services for airport services have been amended since 2002. Uber and Lyft have been testing a pilot program since December last year. The pilot program found there was a need and interest in services at the airport.

The hope is for Maui to test a similar type of pilot program in the middle of September or early October. Honolulu has a designated area for ride share companies to do pick ups. Maui Airport officials have met with Uber and Lyft to hear how other cities do pickups and to make a plan to implement at the Kahului Airport.

Major Funds Released For Airport Improvements

Over $305 million in funds is being released for improvements to the roadway and also for rental car facility at the Kahului Airport.  The new Consolidated Car Rental Facility will be more convenient for travels and help with traffic congestion at the airport.  Other improvements expected at the site include a people mover system, customer service building, roadway connections to and from the terminal, and employee parking spaces.  The improvements should bring in a boost to the economy and well as more jobs.  You can read the article via MauiNow here.