INNOVATE program interns will be submitting their findings to the University of Hawaii Maui campus this Friday. For those interested, the presentations are open to the public in Room 225 of the Laulima Building. Presentations will be heard between 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm.

The main focus of the project was on resource use and  energy efficiency. Data was used from manufactures such as Maui Tempeh, Waikapu Pickles, and Maui Screen Printing. Recommendations will be made on how to cut costs and on becoming more sustainable.

The Sustainable Living Institute and the Hawaii Technology Development Corp. are the hosts and sponsors of the project. Anyone interested in an internship can learn more at

Maui Best Property Tax Rates Prevail!

The budget chairman, Riki Hokama, said Friday that he had nixed the mayor’s proposed tiered scheme for property taxes designed to increase income from second homes and investment properties.

His proposed property tax rate structure follows with proposed and current rates per $1,000 of assessed value:• Homeowner, $2.85, $2.86.• Commercialized residential, $4.55, $4.56.• Residential, $5.52, $5.54.• Agricultural, $6, $6.01.• Apartment, $6.31, $6.32.• Conservation, $6.35, $6.37.• Commercial, $7.25, $7.28.• Industrial, $7.45, $7.49.• Short-term rental, $9.28, $9.28.• Hotel and resort, $9.37, $9.37.• Time share, $15.41, $15.43.

Maui continues to have reasonably low real estate tax rates. Contact The Hansen Ohana today for all your real estate needs!

Earth Day Food And Fuel Harvest

Pacific Biodiesel took Earth Day to heart with a celebration this past Sunday of their ever-growing popular sunflowers. Beginning next week on May 1st, the company will allow tours of the property in hopes of educating people about biodiesel operations.

The sunflowers produce not only biofuel, but are now being incorporated into natural skin care products including sunscreen and food cooking oil. The new skincare line is called Kuleana. The goal of the company is to use the sunflowers for more than just biofuel.

Some of the body oils are now being sold at several locations. Local spas throughout the area are using the sunflower oil for spa treatments. Beauty products from the sunflower oil production have taken off! Those interested in learning more, the tours will be a part of “Maui Made Fresh Tours”.

Congratulations on your success! We look forward to watching what the future brings!

Lahaina Bypass Set To Open April 23rd

On Sunday the controversial southern terminus Lahaina bypass was blessed.  The $48.7 million project runs 2.6 miles. The project will redirect Lahaina bound traffic. This section is scheduled to open on April 23rd.

Not everyone is please with the new traffic redirection. Director Jade Butay has vowed his commitment that any issues that arise from the new bypass will be addressed. The hope for all involved with the project is that the new section will run smoothly once people get used to it.

Hydroponic Farm Set To Open This Year

The indoor hydroponic farm is scheduled to open later this year. The Larry Ellison partnership will be able to grow and sell vegetables for cheaper than produce thats imported. Last August Ellison announced the Sensei project on Lanai. Sensei would use automated computer hydroponic farming in large greenhouses.

Also set to reopen later this year is the Four Seasons Resort Lanai, The Lodge at Koele. The property closed in January 2015 in order for extensive renovations to be done totaling approximately $75 million. A new spa and fitness center are among the new amenities the lodge will provide.

Lani is the first Sensei farm for the Los Angeles based company. The first crops will include Black Trifle tomatoes, and Komatsuna mustard greens. We look forward to viewing the completed project!