Covid-19 Cases

Maui in the past week (Wednesday to Wednesday) had 403 new Covid cases. Of those cases, 390 were on Maui, 6 on Molokai, and 7 on Lanai. You can read the breakdown of cases by island via the Maui News here.

Face Mask Requirements

Following a federal ruling, face masks are no longer required at Hawaii airports or on Hawaiian Airlines flights. The judge in the ruling Kathryn Kimball Mizelle stated the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention overstepped their authority with the masking order. Should any more updates take place we will keep you informed.

Hawaii Safe Travels Program

The Hawaii Safe Travels Program will be ending on March 25th. The SMART Health Card application available on the website will also end. You may wish to keep a copy for your records of your digital vaccine card if you have one.

You may print or screenshot your QR code, add it to your Apple Wallet, or add it to Samsung Pay or the CommonHealth app.

Mask Mandate Ending

The State mask mandate will end on March 25. Also ending on March 25, the emergency rules that include testing for domestic travelers. International travelers will still need to provide proof of a vaccination or a negative test.

The Governor has stated, should numbers begin to surge necessary protocols will be re-instated. Information provided via the Maui News.

Covid Restrictions Update

After almost two years, Maui County will withdrawal all its Covid-19 emergency rules starting tomorrow. The Safe Travel program remains in effect at this time. Local businesses will still have the right to enforce restrictions they deem necessary. Any surges in case numbers and necessary changes will be made.

To read the update via Maui News here.