New Laws Effective January 1st

Thank you to The Maui News for publishing the new laws taking effect January 1st. Please be aware and review the new laws here.

New Charging Stations Coming To Maui

In an effort for zero emissions in 2045, Maui will be receiving 4 new charging stations hopefully in the next 5 years.

Wailuku and Hana will be receiving the next two stations. 11 stations will be installed over Hawaii. A full charge at one station can be achieved in 20 minutes. Four cars can charge at the same time.

You can read more about the new stations and the plans for charging stations here.

Honua’ula Community Plans Moving Forward

The Honua’ula plan community in Maui Meadows was granted Project District Phase II Development approval. The project would include 288 workforce housing units out of the planned 1150 units.

The project also has plans for 24 acres of village mixed use and 103 acres for open space and recreation. 170 acres will be placed in an easement with Hawaiian Islands Land Trust.

View the entire article via The Maui News here.

July 2022 Update

Maui Luxury Real Estate LLC ~ The Hansen Ohana. ~ July 2022

As we enter the last half of 2022 the real estate market is finally calming down! Inventory is increasing and prices are stabilizing. Rumors of a recession are being suggested by some. Covid19 seems no longer to be a serious pandemic, more like a flu now but very contagious. It is something we will have to deal with in the future for years to come.

Maui’s Economy:­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ We continue to attend economic seminars and watch the market. Single-family home prices have increased over the last year by 13.6% to a median price of $1,255,500. Condos median price increased 53.6 % to $832,500. New listings of single-family homes only increased 1.4% but condominiums decreased by 18.6%. Inventory of single-family homes increased by 0.7% but for condominiums increased 3.2%.

Inflation continues to cut deeply into the value of the US dollar and the Fed indicating that they will most likely raise interest rates a couple more times in 2022, planning for your future should be at the top of your list. This could mean it is a great time to buy and a great time to sell. While many feel the hot market has ended most economists believe that prices will continue to increase albeit at a slower pace. This means that buyers might strongly consider getting off the sidelines and buying now before prices and interest rates go up even further. That may be starting to change.

On a recent webinar from Dave Ramsey, he points out there continues to be a Shortage of used housing inventory, Home starts are way down and Foreclosures continue to be way down. This lack of inventory should keep prices from falling, if at all. Due to the exodus from California their inventory may exceed demand, but the rest of the country should remain stable. On the demand side there are 5 million more millennial buyers, 12 million more overall households, and Investors are buying 1 in 4 homes. He also reminds us that even 6% mortgages is historically low even though we were spoiled by 3% mortgages. Very recently mortgage rates lowered to 5%. No one knows the future but we all know that real estate always has been a great store of value over the years. Maui continues to attract buyers at all price ranges.

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Covid-19 Cases

Maui in the past week (Wednesday to Wednesday) had 403 new Covid cases. Of those cases, 390 were on Maui, 6 on Molokai, and 7 on Lanai. You can read the breakdown of cases by island via the Maui News here.