Mulligans On The Blue

Tomorrow for St. Patrick’s Day, Mulligans is going to be having a party! Doors will be opening at 11:00 am. First 50 people will get a free t-shirt! Full Irish menu and 5 bands throughout the day. Come celebrate! More information available here.

Wreath Making Today

Wreath Making in Kahului today in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day! Ages 12 and up welcome! Visit the site here to sign up. Starts at 3 pm today!

St. Patrick’s Day Events

St. Patrick’s Day Events 2023

Spring Forward

Once again, we “spring forward” and move our clocks forward one hour at this time of year. While this means we lose an hour of sleep, it also means longer days and warmer weather are on the horizon.

For those who this applies to, before going to bed on Saturday night don’t forget to advance your clocks by one hour! Hawaii and Arizona are exceptions.

Events Coming Up

Week of March 12, 2023