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Week of June 4, 2023

Maui AgFest

Tomorrow June 3rd! The annual agricultural event in Maui that highlights the island’s farming and ranching sectors is called the Maui AgFest & 4-H Livestock Fair. This event emphasizes the contributions of agriculture to Maui’s economy, ecology, and way of life. The festival brings together members of the entire agricultural community, including farmers, ranchers, supporters, and allies.

More information available here.

Memorial Day Memory

Honoring Pat Doran, a true Hero!  He was a Burlingame High School classmate and one of my best friends from about 6th grade until his death when serving our Country in Vietnam.  However, Pat continues to live in my heart as well as many others.   When we were young he lived a few blocks away from me and would come over and we would all sit on the front porch and talk for hours.  It was such fun.  His Dad was a Hillsborough Police Officer who was killed when Pat was in 7th grade.  The pain Pat felt from the very evil car theft’s actions lived in Pat’s heart until he met his Dad in heaven in 1967.    Pat was a gentle loving soul who was kind to everyone, full of love and care.  The Doran Bridge in located on the beautiful 280 highway in Hillsborough.  When you drive over it please hold Pat and his Dad in your heart.  They both gave their lives for us.

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Week of May 28, 2023

Congratulations Shannon Rowe!

Congratulations Shannon Rowe, for receiving the award as Outstanding Educator!!! Maui High School is lucky to have you!