September 2022 Newsletter

          Maui Luxury Real Estate LLC ~ The Hansen Ohana ~ September 2022

As we enter the Fall and Holiday Season of 2022 the real estate market continues to smooth out!  Inventory is increasing and prices have stabilized. Energy costs have a huge effect on inflation as the country and the world moves and operates on energy. A recession appears to be upon us with the traditional benchmark of 2 quarters of a fall in Gross Domestic Product, coupled with very high inflation. As of August 31 we experienced 8.3% annualized inflation. The cost of essential items including food, gas, rent, and higher mortgage rates attributes to these increases. The United States needs to move back to energy independence whether it is clean energy, solar, wind, ample supplies of gas, diesel, natural gas, clean nuclear energy and the like. If the United States can cautiously move away from fossil fuels to clean energy over time, maybe the technology will spread throughout the world and help solve some of the countries who pollute the most. I am not sure we can get there in 12 years as some have said, but we will get there, and we should hopefully move there without killing our economy and energy needs.

Maui’s Economy:­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ We continue to attend economic seminars and watch the market. Single-family home prices have actually decreased over the last year by 5.9% to a median price of $983,575. Condos median price increased 26.6% to $820,000. New listings of single-family homes decreased 26.7%% and condominiums decreased by 30.7%. Months’ supply of Inventory of single-family homes increased 60% and condominiums increased 87.5%. Some may say interest rates are too high, but the reality is that we have all been spoiled by 3% mortgage rates over the last few years. How many remember 17% interest rates in the past? People were happy to pay 6% and now that rates are around 6%, Buyers are still hesitant, but with 8.3% inflation, home prices remain a good hedge against inflation. In addition, rents should continue to increase while your mortgage payment remains stable. Don’t forget that the interest portion of mortgage payments are deductible against your income while rents and not. Ask your Tax Professional about your personal situation. Current studies have shown that the monthly cost of owned homes verses rental homes becomes less expensive on average after 3 years while home values should continue to rise. We have seen price reductions on listed properties, however it appears that these reductions are not a decrease in value but rather Sellers adjusting to present market value.

Paul Brewbaker’s economic discussion: A recent economic discussion with Paul revealed many facets of our local, state, and our country’s economic situation. We are linked more than ever to global issues. The discussion covered many facets in our ever-changing world. His recommendation is to be prepared for events that may unfold for the future and learn from the past. Take care of your car, home (due to supply problems), and family. Be knowledgeable in your financial investments. For more in-dept information you might want to watch Paul Brewbaker in the following link to his recent one-hour interview.

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Maui Market Stats

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March Newsletter

Hansen Ohana’s Maui Newsletter March 1, 2021

Maui Luxury Real Estate LLC

 Aloha from Maui.  If you are missing Maui and the sound of the ocean waves on our beautiful beaches,check out our live beach cam (now with sound) on  You might even catch a view of the magnificent whales which are active this time of year.

As most states are experiencing, the Maui real estate market is dynamite right now.  Low interest rates coupled with low inventory is moving the market higher.  Median home prices as of February 28, were up 19.8% since a year ago at $895,000.  On the other hand, condos almost unchanged from last year at $556,990.  Total inventory of homes went down from 517 last year to 214 now for homes Condos remained around 503. Months’ supply of inventory for homes went from 5.4 to 2.2. Condos months’ supply went up from 3.9 to 4.3.  Due to low interest rates the affordability index for condos increased from 67 to 72 but the home affordability index fell from 50 to 45 from last year. With continued low interest rates and low inventory, the market appears to be relatively stable in terms of pricing for properties on Maui.  One very interesting statistic for me is the percent of listing price realized which over the years has remained relatively similar in the 97% range. This means a million-dollar asking price on average would close at about $970,000.  Well priced properties may receive multiple offers.  Pending sales hit an all-time high of 826 properties under contract at the end of February.

Regarding Condominiums the average visitor spends $3,800 per person. On Vacation home rentals the average tourist spends $3,400 on Maui vs. hotel visitors spend around $2,900 per person.  Due to Covid19 restrictions on travel last year vacation rental income was down. This year the vacation rental market has been very busy and visitors are coming back.  People need to relax in a safe place with good weather and Maui is the place.  Coming to Maui is getting easier with Covid19 on its way out but there are reasonable restrictions.  Check the www.hawaiicovid19.comwebsite for more information.

If you’re interested in something new, there are quite a few projects in a variety of price ranges planned for the next 10 years across Maui. Last month we saw renderings of some workforce housing being conceptualized in Kapalua across from Pineapple Grill and another up for approval in South Maui across from The Five Palms.  In addition to that there is a project currently underway in Wailea.  The Wailea Hills developmentincludes75 units for sale in 15 separate buildings.  They have beautiful floorplans, many with gorgeous views, underground parking and good locations.  Prices start in the mid $1.8’s million and up and seem to be selling pretty steadily with approximately 70% now under contract.  If you would like to view them virtually please let us know at: and we will send you the links.  In addition, there is an application for a Wailea Project consisting of 289 condos, 51 zero lot line homes, 92 duplex homes and 146 multi-family units of which 23 units could be short term rentals, but this may take some time before they get final approval.

With so many potential buyers now glued to social media we have significantly increased our advertising online by offering additional video tours, virtual open houses, and tours as you can see by the links below:


Virtual Home Tours:

3149 Waakea Pl. Wailea:

Maalaea Surf Unit E3:

145 N Kihei Rd Uni 512:

112 Walaka Unit 305:

10 Kulani:

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Breaking Maui News From The Hansens

Hansen Ohana’s Maui News May 2020

Maui Luxury Real Estate LLC

We will all remember these times, staying at home to protect our loved ones from Covid-19. It is important to stay Real. Know what is actually happening and not be too optimistic and nor too pessimistic. One way to remember it is to take your “MEDS”. M is for meditate daily, relax and visualize. E is for exercise, very important for mental and physical health. D is for diet; you are what you eat. S is for sleep, get enough. These are good ideas for health and happiness.

Here is our real estate update as of May 15, 2020:

April shows a surprising resilience in median sales prices. Homes prices were up 1.6% since last year at $762,000. Condos were up 10.1% from last year at $569,000. Number of new listings were down about 25% for homes and about 9% for condos. Inventory as well as pending sales for April remained low for both homes and condos. For the first 13 days of May the market is still showing resilience with 27 properties pending for South Maui, 7 properties for West Maui, 5 properties for the North Shore, 10 properties upcountry and 22 properties pending for Central Maui. With low interest rates and low inventory, the market is still moving.

There are a lot of plans to build projects in many parts of Maui over the next ten years. Additional housing is needed on Maui for Maui residents. One project is the Wailea Hills development, they have a portion of the 75 units for sale in 15 separate buildings; they will have underground parking. They have beautiful floorplans, many with gorgeous views and good locations. Prices started in the mid $1.5’s million and up and seem to be selling pretty steadily. You can view them virtually, just let us know. For project info please email and we will send you the link.

We are featuring our listings virtually as well. You will feel like you are walking through them enjoying every possible detail. We strive to utilize cutting edge technology with a personal touch and felt this would be a good way for people to view our listings, ask questions and perhaps find their dream house or a great piece of land to start planning your dream home. Just go to our website at MauiRealEstate.NET

Low rates and mortgage relief is available. Qualifications vary loan to loan as well as the potential impact to your credit, but it is important THAT YOU CONTACT YOUR MORTGAGE COMPANY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you are considering a refinance, new mortgage or mortgage relief. With so many potential buyers now glued to social media we have significantly increased our advertising online by offering additional video tours, and virtual open houses and tours as you can see by the links below.

Virtual Home Tours:

Maalaea Surf Unit E3

Na Hale O Makena Unit D102

Walaka Maui Unit 305

153 Hokai Pl. Kihei

65 Hale Noho Pl., Wailea

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May all good things come your way – laughter, gratitude, good health and good friends

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Property Tax Appeals

Urgent:  Do you feel your Maui Property Taxes are assessed too high?  Real Property Tax Appeals Due by April 9th!