Earth Day


Earth Day is considered a day to inspire awareness and celebrate the Earth’s environment.  Kupu Hou encompasses the true spirit of what Earth Day is all about.  The organic farm believes in working with nature in the growth and production of its many organic plants.  On over 7.9 acres, this unique property farms coffee plants, papaya, and sugarloaf pineapples just to name a few.

Come explore the beauty of Kupu Hou and realize what Earth Day is truly about.

The Garden Of Eden Reborn At Kupu Hou on Maui

Kupu Hou ~ Fresh New Life.  That is the name that so aptly describes 1651 Naalae in lower Kula, Maui.  This truly unique property encompasses the meaning Kupu Hou.  Since receiving organic certification in 2009, Kupu Hou has maintained strict standards farming 650 Maui Mokka coffee plantings, as well as strawberry papaya, sugarloaf pineapples, koa and sandalwood trees plus so much more ~ all on 7.9 acres.

Working with nature has been the philosophy of the owners of Kupu Hou.  Great attention and care has gone into the permaculture ethics of organic farming.  Making systems work efficiently with nature is enhanced thus making the farm more productive with little waste.  Hugelkulturs are used for water harvesting, and the main home is completely off the grid thanks to a 7 kw system.  With bi-coastal views, a serene setting, multiple quality living structures and an abundance of beauty Kupu Hou is a true legacy property.

The land of opportunity awaits you.  Please watch this Maui featured property listing and get to know Kupu Hou and why it is so special.