Congratulations Shannon Rowe!

Congratulations Shannon Rowe, for receiving the award as Outstanding Educator!!! Maui High School is lucky to have you!

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Week of December 11, 2022:

Magical Maui Moment

Sharing another Magical Maui Moment with you!

We greeted midnight to enjoy viewing the Lunar Eclipse also call “The Blood
Moon” along with the stars in the clear dark sky framing the Moon’s
fantastic display and beauty.  That was a terrific experience and Bob did a
fantastic job taking a photo which highlighted the red colors that
highlighted the display.


Howard Dicus on Tourism

Today Howard Dicus, the business reporter for Hawaii News Now, mentioned this morning on his Tourism Report that the majority of Hawaii’s Tourists noted as of today are from the West and East Coasts of the US and very few from the Foreign Tourism Industry such as Canada, Japan, etc.