Congratulations Baldwin High School!

Congratulations to Baldwin High School on being named the first Blue Zone Project Approved Worksite in Central Maui. For those that are unfamiliar with the Blue Zone Project, the project is a community wide initiative to make healthy choices. More than 80 percent of the employees at Baldwin High School signed a pledge to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Some of the practices that Baldwin High School has implemented include quite office space for downtime and meditation, micro breaks every hour for stretching, and overall practices that promote well-being. These small steps make Maui a healthier, happier place to work and live!

Great job Baldwin High School!

Did you know…..


Dr. Oz on Hawaii News says Hawaii is the #1 healthiest State in the US! Dr. Oz. will be traveling to Maui on Monday, the thing he likes the most about doing this trip is that he will be able to get everywhere in town just by using a roller scooter!

Another Reason To Move To Hawaii

The first state-by-state look at how long on average and how healthy those years will be has named Hawaii tops for longer lifespan.  Not only is the lifespan longer, but more importantly, the quality of life (healthier for longer) is tops as well.  The data was gathered from 2007-2009 by the Center for Disease Control.  One of the benefits of the report is to help in the determination of retirement ages.  The full report is available to view via their website here.  If your interested in the possibility of buying or selling real estate on the islands feel free to contact the Hansen Ohana today!