Tips On Visiting Haleakala, Maui



Haleakala is one of Maui’s most sought after activities for those visiting and residing on the island.  The volcano sits 10,023 feet above sea level.  Many people visiting choose to watch the sunrise early in the morning.  If your an early riser, wear warm layers and bring breakfast.  Food is not sold in the park so make sure to stock up if your planning to stay past sunrise.  Weather conditions are rather chilly, make sure to bring pants, shoes and layers!

There is plenty to do for the explorer.  With lush trails throughout the park, people enjoy hiking as well as horseback riding. Some hiking expeditions can last for three days and include camping.  The park contains many endangered wildlife.  You may delight in seeing the Nene, or Hawaiian goose, Hawaii’s state bird, or a flowering silversword blossom that take 50 years to bloom.


There really is something available for everyone at Haleakala National Park.  A true Maui treasure thats enjoyed by travelers and locals alike.  Activities and resources for your trip to Haleakala can be found here.