Ship From Japan Comes To Port

In celebration of the 150th anniversary of the first Japanese immigrants to come to Hawaii, Captain Kumada will be celebrating with his crew that came over on the vessel Kaiwo Maru. The ship arrived to port on Wednesday after departing April 12th from Yokohama.

The ship is used as a training vessel. Cadets train in all aspects of running a ship including navigation and engineering. Ages of the cadets range from 19 to 25 years old. While on island, the cadets will be given tours, meet Maui Matsuri residents, and participate in events at the UH of Maui College.

The hope is to learn more about Native Hawaiian culture and to strengthen ties between Japan and the United States. We hope you all have a wonderful time while you are here!


Happy Canada Day!

Congratulations to all our Canadian friends and family on their 150th Anniversary.  

Happy Canada Day!

Ulalena Anniversary



Ulalena is celebrating 15 years!  Special KamaAina ticket pricing available for $20!  Ulalena shares the rich history of Hawaii through music, dance and instruments.  Named the Best Cultural Production in Maui (Readers Poll 2013) it’s a wonderfully entertaining way to become educated as well as entertained.  Leave with a better understanding about the spirit of Hawaii.  Tickets are available to purchase at


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