Tropical Storm Olivia Still Causing Havoc

Although Tropical Storm Olivia passed through Maui a week ago, the aftermath is still ongoing. Residents in Honokohau Valley are continuing with their clean up efforts even with no water available. The storm not only washed away personal items, but homes and cars as well.

Volunteers have come and helped with the clean up and thankfully provided food. Donating supplies and hauling away debris so that residents can focus on rebuilding. Residents who were spared damage have helped get aid to those in need and rescue stranded residents.

Residents are still in need of help! Building supplies and helping hands are essential. If you are able to donate, please email to find out what the most vital items are.

Watch Tropical Storm Olivia!

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Tropical Storm Olivia

Visitors to Maui have been asked to not venture to Hana for the next few days as Tropical Storm Olivia makes its approach. Although the storm has weakened, possible flooding has prompted the warning as well as closed Hana Elementary and High School. Hana Elementary will have a shelter set in place for those in need.

A Tropical Storm Warning for Maui County went into effect yesterday at 5:00 pm. This means a storm is coming within 36 hours. Up to 15 inches of rain can be expected from Olivia. Hurricane Lane provided a wake up call for Maui residents to remain stocked on needed food and water as well as have an emergency plan in place. Residents should also expect delivery delays until the storm passes.

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