AKL Maui


A true staple of Maui’s culture and lifestyle would have to be AKL Maui.   Started by Ali’I Chang, the 13.5-acre farm grows 45 different varieties of lavender year round.  Locals and tourists alike can enjoy the farm, which hosts a variety of activities.

Guided Walking Tours and Guided Cart Tours are offered throughout the day at various times.  Cart tours give an extended look at the farm while the walking tour gives visitors a chance to wander.

Looking for treasure?  The Lavender Treasure Hunt turns the farm into a magical wonderland.  Follow the treasure map through the enchanted garden and find your prize in the Gallery Gift Shop.  Fun for kids (and adults too)!

If you’re looking for a place truly amazing to host a special event, AKL Maui may be just what you’re looking for.  From private parties to weddings AKL Maui has the views and beauty to make your event truly spectacular.

New visitors, returning patrons, families and friends all find a little gift of Maui at AKL.  Explore their website for featured products, events, and tour times.