New Vaccination Requirement

Mayor Victorino announced individuals must have a booster new to be considered fully vaccinated. This will take effect January 24th.

Requirements to be considered vaccinated include:

More than two weeks have passed since receiving their second dose in a two-dose vaccination series and have received a booster, if eligible. Or more than two weeks after they have received a single-dose vaccine, and have received a booster, if eligible.

Eligible for vaccination booster means that 6 months have passed since receipt of your second dose of Moderna or Pfizer or 2 months have passed since receipt of your initial single-dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Covid Mandates Update

Coming Soon!

Great News about Covid Mandates!!!!

Mayor Victorino announced that the Covid mandates will be relaxed some soon.  He would not give any hints as to what they will begin to allow.  Look to our blog and either this coming Wednesday or Thursday we should have an update for you.

Covid Surge Causes New Rules

Making sure all are aware of the new rules while the Covid Surge continues:

Masks required when entering the gym, family lounge, lobby, elevator, and parking garages by State and County emergency orders.

Social gathering indoors is now max 10 people

Social gatherings outdoors limited to 25 people.

For managed by events planning 50 people.c

Restaurants are now 50% of max capacity.

Updated Travel Testing Requirements

Per the Maui County website, those traveling to Maui will still be required to do the pre-travel testing. Additionally, a rapid test will be required upon landing for those travelers who are unvaccinated. Those travelers who refuse the post travel testing will have to quarantine for 10 days. Vaccinated travelers must provide valid vaccination cards to be exempt.

As new information develops, we will keep you informed.

New Possible Travel Testing Requirements

Notice it appears Maui may begin requiring a secondary COVID-19 rapid test upon arrival or a ten day quarantine.  Stay tunned for when notification goes out.  The Maui Mayor is waiting for approval from the Governor.   Then there will be a notice giving time to everyone.  We will blog it when we know.