The Hansen Ohana In The News

Thank you to the Maui News for this wonderful article on our Ohana Real Estate Dynasty!


After decades of working in the real estate industry on the Mainland, Bob and Donna Hansen moved their family from California to Maui 28 years ago with visions of semi-retirement dancing like sugarcane caressed by the trades.

While Bob obtained his Hawaii Real Estate Broker license and Donna kept (and still maintains) a California Broker’s license as well as receiving a Hawaii Real Estate sales license, the original intention was to cherrypick real estate transactions as it applied to friends and those in need of their specific expertise.

Over the next couple of decades, the cherry-picking turned into a full-fledged harvest, and today the majority of the Hansen family enjoys the sweet fruits of the couple’s joint labor and love of real estate.

“It’s kind of funny, they moved out here to retire and ended up becoming the most successful Realtors on the island,” says their son Clint, who holds both a Real Estate and Real Estate Broker’s license and today is a principal player, along with his brother Daryl, in the family real estate business, Maui Luxury Real Estate LLC, under the umbrella of The Hansen Ohana.

Although ‘luxury’ is part of the family brokerage name, Clint quickly points out that they don’t discriminate when it comes to helping people with their property needs.

“It’s kind of a misnomer,” he explains, “because we handle everything from helping people sell their property at Harbor Lights all the way to the most expensive condo to ever sell in Hawaii.”

His father, says Clint, represented both the buyer and the seller in a $12.5 million condo transaction at Wailea Beach Villas. Conversely, he also remembers his father helping the family of a relative on Maui who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. As this individual’s mental state declined, episodes of hoarding increased and the family needed help in getting the property sold.

“We ended up moving everything out of the unit ourselves,” Clint recalls. “We then donated or sold the items and gave the family the proceeds. My dad, who is a handy guy, even replaced a hood vent because the family couldn’t afford to have the work done.”

Sparked by innate compassion, the drive to provide assistance and support fuels much of The Hanson Ohana’s unsurpassed success and spreads like welcome wildfire to the surrounding community. In addition to the family’s myriad donations of time and money to local schools, Bob is the co-founder of the Na Hale O Maui affordable housing project and Donna is involved in the Friends of the Children’s Justice Center of Maui, a staunch advocate for under-served children and the mentally ill on Maui, and has served on several state and county boards.

“My mom is a very altruistic individual,” Clint reveals. “The reason she’s as successful and hardworking as she is, is that she’s compelled to help people, and that extends deeply into everything we do.

“People use us time and time again because we’re committed to doing a good job and helping people, not just with the [real estate] transaction, but the entirety of their home ownership,” continues Clint, adding that he’s been called on to help off-island clients with everything from acquiring

cleaning services to checking on units and homes before or after big storms.

“We have long-standing relationships with all of our clientele.”

Another critical component of The Hansen Ohana’s meteoric rise to the top of Hawaii’s real estate brokerage firms is the use of hi-tech applications that allow them to reach the largest market possible.

“Our website is an absolute powerhouse,” Clint says, citing the company’s employment of key No. 1 online search terms such as “Kihei condos,” advanced tech features including Matterport 3D mapping with an in-house camera, and Clint’s FAA certification as a commercial aviation drone pilot — a rarity among local Realtors.

“But even with all the high-tech ties, we believe strongly in touch over tech,” Clint avows. “Being hands-on and having personal relationships with clients, other agents and the community is an important part of who we are and what we do.”

With 18 licensed agents currently part of The Hansen Ohana, plus a handful of support staff, Clint believes that having a synergistic, teamoriented philosophy and work ethic is paramount.

“In many offices, agents are in competition with other agents, and we just don’t work that way,” he says. “We partner with the agents in our office so that we can add new aspects and capabilities. When you hire us, you’re not just hiring my mom, my dad or me — you’re hiring a dozen-plus people. And that’s what really sets us apart; I think. We function like one complete team that can help each other out at any given moment.”

Last year, about 30 agents inquired about joining The Hanson Ohana team and only six were accepted —a testament to the firm’s stringent requirements.

“We want people who are going to dedicate their time to their craft and be community minded,” Clint explains.” We have a ton of fun in our office, but we also work very hard. It’s an incredibly stressful job, and it’s important to have even-keeled, happy people who want to be part of our team.”

As for Bob and Donna’s original take-it-easy plan of 28 years ago, Clint laughs and says, “Retirement is kind of a dirty word in our family.”

Even though he’s earned more and more responsibility for the company, Bob and Donna are still the big kahunas and working at 100 percent — as is everyone at The Hansen Ohana.

“At the end of the day, my parents will always be involved in the process and making sure that there are checks and balances in place,” Clint says, even as the firm is poised to move from generation to generation. Just as Clint became involved in the industry at 10 years old, riding his bike across town with property keys clutched in his hand whenever needed, the family eats and breathes real estate.

“In all likelihood, my kids will become involved if it’s something they’re interested in when they get older,” Clint concludes, “or any number of cousins, nephews and nieces. My daughters, Trinity and Victoria, are my parents’ eleventh and twelfth grandchildren, so we have a fairly large family from which to pull.”

Your continued support throughout the years is greatly appreciated! Mahalo!