Paia Town-Your Starting Point On the Road to Hana


Town of Paia

Paia Town has been named as one of America’s best small towns by and it’s no surprise why. For having only one traffic light, this town sure packs a punch when it comes to dining and shopping. Some of Maui’s best dining experiences can be found in North Shore Paia, like the fresh fish sandwiches at the Paia Fish Market.  Some other dining highlights: Breakfast at famous Charlies, which also doubles up as Paia’s main nightlife spot with regular live performances and DJs. For something more upscale, Mama’s Fish House is a Maui Must! Reservations are also a must, especially at dinner and with impeccable service and delightful dishes, it’s easy to see why visitors return year after year. Lunch at Mama’s is a little less expensive, but definitely not for thrifty travelers.

Mama’s Fish House

Shopping is another Must when visiting Paia Town. Treasures abound in the plethora of Boutique stores with rarities of all shapes and sizes, (and prices too!). From art to accessories to one-of-a-kind designer dresses.  And who knows, you may even find yourself bumping elbows with a celebrity hunting for the perfect swimsuit in one of Paia’s surf shops.  Paia has several beaches, most famous are Baldwin Beach and Baby Beach which is tucked in the far east corner, providing a little shelter from unpredictable North Shore winds. Hookipa Beach Park, just east of Paia Town is famous for windsurfing and sun bathing, but not the best swimming as there’s a lot of coral and rocks.

Baldwin Beach

If you find yourself in Paia, we highly recommend a stop at her only grocery store, Mana Foods. ( You will find a wide variety of healthy groceries, eco friendly products and friendly staff at hand, all at great prices too. Grab a snack to go at the hot bar and some healthy juices for the road.

Mana Foods

Paia has some gas stations, it would be advisable to fill up before setting off on a trip to Hana. a full tank is more than enough to get you there and back, but there are no more gas stations directly along the way to Hana.

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