Temporary Jobs Offered To Furloughed Workers

Staffing company, Altres, is offering temporary industrial work to federal workers that have been displace by the partial government shutdown at their Maui office.

Altres has need for workers in positions that include, mail sorters, rental car cleaners and transporters, janitors, landscapers, warehouse workers, and construction jobs. This program is being offered only to displaced government workers and will end once normal government work is resumed.

Those interested would need to contact 877-5572 to make an appointment. Be sure to bring your federal ID and fill out an application. A $100 bonus will be given to workers when their first 40 hours of work are completed.

Reminder! Maui Luxury Real Estate LLC is currently taking food donations at our office at 161 Wailea Ike Place Building A-106 (next to Matteos) or call us 808-874-8473. Your support for our community is greatly appreciated!