Kihei Charter School New Campus

Tuesday was the first day on the new campus for Kihei Charter School. The campus is now located at the top of the Maui Research and Technology Park.

The new space is more than double the previous school location. The property is located on 3 acres, and host students from grades kindergarten through high school. Due to limited funds and expired leases, most students have had limited in classroom classes since August, but have been learning through virtual school online.

Teachers formally had to share classrooms and offices were limited. With the new building not only will teachers get their own classrooms, but the band will have their own designated band room for practice. Other possibilities to add to the school include a fitness center with workout equipment.

Parts of the school are still under construction. As the needs of the school change they will have options of how to utilize the extra space. If your interested in donating to help the school, they are currently in need of cooking equipment.