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We have the beginings of an iPhone and iPod Touch enhanced mobile version of our website.  This is only a beginning, but it works incredibly well. While our existing site works pretty well on the iPad, the browsing experience on an iPhone was torture. So today, we are releasing the iPhone version.  Go here to check it out:


Alternatively, if you are using an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can just go to our main site:


And you will be automatically forwarded to the iPhone version. We think you are going to like it as much as we do. You can search all islands and even click and swipe to view photos of the properties.

We will be adding more usefull features to the iPhone version over time. If you find any bugs or have feature suggestions, please send an email to daryl [at] mauirealestate.net. As far as we can tell, this best way to research Hawaii Real Estate with an iPhone .

Gas Prices Rising in Hawaii

If you live in Hawaii, try to keep your feet in the water and off of the gas pedal. As gas prices continue to increase throughout the country, the state of Hawaii is breaking records with its gas price at $4.51 a gallon for unleaded.

But, other states such as Alaska, Connecticut, Illinois, New York and the District of Columbia are also charging customers over four dollars for a gallon of gas. Trailing just a few cents away from four dollars per gallon are Indiana, Michigan, Nevada and Washington.

Hawaii residents have hit a high gas price before. In 2008, gas prices rose to $4.50/gallon. As gas prices throughout the country continue to rise, there will be less vehicular travel and more walking or transit transportation.

Having a vehicle that eats up your gas isn’t always a necessity. You could trade it in and purchase a more budget-friendly vehicle during the rising gas price period, or find alternative methods of transportation on and between our eight beautiful islands. Many people are investing in hybrid vehicles, like the Toyota Prius and all electric vehicles like the Nissan Leaf. With the federal and state tax credits for 2011, the Nissan Leaf is extremely affordable.

Another popular move in Hawaii is to install a solar system on your home to reduce or eliminate your electric bill. The payback period in Hawaii is very fast when compared to the other 49 states. Solar also has a healthy federal and state tax credit for 2011. Whether the state tax credit will be extended for 2012 or not, is currently up in the air.

iPhone Optimized Search

Our Maui Search now has an iPhone optimized version. This makes browsing properties with the iPhone a breeze:


Maui Vacation Rentals Becoming a More Popular Option

Islands have always been, and will always be, popular vacation spots. People love the coast. And, well, islands have a lot of it. In years past, however, when people have planned their tropical getaways, they typically look into a few sprawling resorts. Massive hotels with expansive swimming pools and private beaches lined with plastic lounge chairs and tiki huts. But recently, more and more people have been turning to Maui vacation rentals.
Simply put, Maui vacation rentals offer a different experience than Maui resorts. A vacation rental gives you a slice of life on Maui. They break you out of the resort bubble. They place you into your own Maui home or condo for a week, two weeks, or however long you plan to stay. You’ll enjoy more space and more privacy than you would at virtually any resort – and for less money. Inventory is up, and prices are down, making it easy to book a Maui vacation rental for your next getaway.
We should also point out that this is a two-way street. Maui vacation rentals aren’t just becoming more popular with travelers. They’re becoming more popular with second-home owners as well. With the tumultuous economy, many people have found it hard to keep that second home. However, they’re also in no position to sell. What they can do, though, is generate some extra income by renting their home out during the peak of vacation season.
Whether you’re planning an exotic getaway or you want to turn your home into a Maui vacation rental, we can help. Get in contact with us today for a hassle-free consultation.

Maui Search Updated to a NEW System

• We now have our own complete copy of the Maui MLS on our web server.
• It’s fast. Real Fast! No more waiting.
• Although our website looks like it did yesterday, the entire site has been re-programmed to work with the new system.

Other updates:

• You can now search by Neighborhood
            • You can search by neighborhood via a selection box or the type ahead/autocompletion method

• You can now search for vacation rentable condos via a simple checkbox
• You can search for condos via a selection box or the type ahead/autocompletion method
• Created a “Popular Subdivisions” section in main navigation menu
• Included several dozen new small features and design improvements
• We still have a few images that are not showing up. We expect to have this resolved within 24 hours.
• The Beach Cam page now has a map that shows the locations of everyone currently on our website.