Working On High School Opening

The temporary certificate of occupancy for the Kulanihako’i High School in Kihei will be issued by the county, according to Maui County Mayor Richard Bissen Jr., clearing the path for its opening. The mayor asserted that a local high school would benefit South Maui’s students more than sending them elsewhere. He commended the work done by numerous representatives and organizations, including state senator Angus McKelvey and state representative Terez Amato. Paperwork, planning, and permitting challenges have affected the school, and a 2013 LUC requirement that the Department of Education construct a grade-separated crossing such a bridge or underpass prior to the school’s opening has also had an impact. The DOE, the state Department of Transportation, the LUC, and the Governor’s Office for the past two months to iron out the issue.

Read the entire article via the Maui News here.

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