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Here’s a great newsletter from a terrific lender who has his own company in the Bay Area.  I felt it was so interesting that I requested permission from him to Blog it.  It is an overview of  recent information regarding a theory of the economy outlook and his suggestion.  I have known Rob McCarthy for many years and I know he is good.  I am blogging the entire email to you with his written permission:

Last week, Mark Jamison, Senior Wealth Director of BNY Mellon in Menlo Park invited me to his office to listen to ACG present on the economy and what they believe will occur over the next 12 months.

In the panel, consisting of Senior Analyst from BNY, a VC, a partner from Fenwick and West and an M&A expert spoke.  The consensus of the panel and most of the audience (myself included) agreed that q1 thru q3 of this year will most likely show us a recession and the cooling of the market where spending will decrease, stocks could go lower putting pressure on the fed to reduce tightening and start lowering rates.  They also believed that the q4 and q1 of next year will be a soft landing with the economy improving as labor stays strong even with the recent layoffs from tech companies.

What does this mean for home buyers?

Somewhere between now and next few quarters, values should go lower making it a great time to purchase.  If you know someone thinking of selling, they should consider selling now rather than waiting.  If you know someone buying, they should get preapproved and start actively looking as no one can time the market and know really when the bottom is.  They all agreed that we would not see a repeat of 2008.

We just know that from last year in q3 (ish) to current, home values have been dropping and now were seeing some good opportunities for buyers.  This is the main reason, our 2 to 1 Buy Down product makes sense for so many buyers and it provides a much lower payment for the next few years and helps sellers provide buyers an incentive to buy their property over other properties that don’t offer this perk.  For more info on this new jumbo program, see my article published Friday.

If you have a client looking to buy, sell and trade down or trade up or look into refi options to pull cashout to buy or invest in the real estate or stock market, please refer them to me.  Our rates now are phenomenal and we offer programs many other lenders don’t.

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