Plants That Help Repell Mosquitoes

For those who live in areas prone to mosquitoes and don’t want to be drenched in bug spray when they are spending time outdoors there is a green approach to help you enjoy your backyard without the itch!

Marigolds are great potted plants that can be placed at known entry areas like doors, windows, and balconies. Marigolds also deter those bugs that feast on tomato plants. Marigolds can be seeded or bought at a nursery.

Citronella, the most common ingredient in bug repellent, gives off a very strong smell. Citronella plants do best in full sunlight exposure. They may also be planted in pots and kept at high entry areas.

Lavender is a relaxing smell that will also aide in repelling mosquitoes and gnats. Lavender can be planted throughout your backyard as well as in pots. Dried lavender is a good option for closets that may have moth issues.

Basil is not only good for the kitchen! This herb likes hot humid climates and tastes great in pesto! Basil does best with regular watering and direct sunlight.

Peppermint, used primarily in toothpaste and mouthwash, gives a strong fresh fragrance known to repel mosquitoes. When planting, keep in mind peppermint grows in columns that can reach up to 3 feet high.

Not sure where to start? Try checking with your local nursery or gardening store to find which mosquito repelling plants would work best in your area.