Real Property Tax Assessment Notices for 2011 Will Be Mailed Tuesday

Tax notices going out

March 10, 2011
Article from: The Maui News

WAILUKU – Real property tax assessment notices for 2011 will be mailed to property owners by Tuesday, the county Department of Finance’s Real Property Tax Division announced this week.

The notices will show the net taxable value of land, any improvements on it, the amount of allowed exemptions, the person who received the exemption and the property’s classification.

Property owners should carefully review the document. If they disagree with property tax assessments in their notice, they may file an appeal with the Board of Review or the Tax Appeal Court.

Because the usual April 9 deadline is on a Saturday this year, the deadline for filing an appeal is the next Monday, April 11.

The assessment notice is not a bill. The first half installment for the 2011-2012 fiscal year will be mailed by July 20.

Property owners who do not receive assessment notice or have questions should contact the Real Property Tax Division at (808) 270-7297 or view assessment information at