There are many 'good' reasons to make Maui home

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Entering the New Year in the midst of the Hawaiian season of Makahiki, a time of peace, spirituality, games and celebration, I watched the news as our friends in New York City tried to dig out of a massive Northeast snowstorm and I once again realized why we live on Maui.
Although today the temperature is 81 degrees with light trade winds cooling the heat of the day while naturally freshening the air, it wasn’t that we were warm and the city was cold. The lovely days and nights on Maui are a blessing and not a prize to be kept from the enjoyment of others.
As the real estate market moderates, prices are increasingly bringing smart buyers into the market.  Realtors tell me it is not unusual to receive multiple offers on their best properties, as the realization grows that a good deal won’t last long.
Value and investment opportunities are good reasons to be in the real estate market as our recovery slowly continues to build strength. They are also excellent reasons to buy on Maui. But, there is more to the Maui story. Maui is also a location for friends and family to come together and share memories like no other.
Some say, “You do not choose Maui, Maui chooses you.” She chooses you with her diverse, talented and energetic people. Maui is in recovery faster than the rest of the state and has steadily improved relative to the mainland.
Maui chooses when the generosity of the community is shown time and time again as those in need or perhaps facing a life crisis are helped by their neighbors and friends, including the efforts of countless members of the Realtors Association of Maui.
The lingering sunsets choose you. Long walks on the beach, the full moon settling into the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean, the return of playful whales each winter, all are offered to those who live on Maui.
Want to go out to dinner? The variety to choose from is as diverse as the people of Maui themselves. A quick list—not meant to be all-inclusive—might include Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, French, Filipino, with even more in between. Add to that world-class resorts that include award-winning restaurants and Maui brings a wonderful variety of tastes to the senses.
The Maui lifestyle is a healthy life style. Farmer’s markets have blossomed in recent years until now not a day goes by where there is not a Farmer’s Market open and doing a brisk business somewhere on the island. Hawaii is the leading state in terms of longevity at 81.7 years compared to 78.0 years nationally, according to Kaiser heath state facts.
Maui also supports several successful markets offering organic vegetables, meat, fish, poultry and many other fine products. The market for fresh locally grown produce and locally produced products is expected to continue to grow as the island embraces the idea of sustainability and more reliance on local resources.
An example of this trend is the increasing use of photovoltaic installations on the roofs of building (both commercial and residential) to generate electrical power for their needs. And no, you’re eyes aren’t playing tricks on you; those really are windmills on the mountain with more planned in hidden spots Upcountry. Maui is one of the leaders in Hawaii in the use of wind power as an alternative energy source, saving millions of gallons of oil each year.
Maui offers a number of music, theater, film, dance and cultural options. Festivals fill the months, many with free admission and great local food. Top attractions and performers visit the Maui Arts and Cultural Center on a regular basis. One recent appearance was by the actor Hal Holbrook in his presentation of “Mark Twain Tonight,” complete with his uncanny appearance and the wit of the original Mr. Twain.
Grammy Award winning Hawaiian musicians entertain throughout the island in clubs, restaurants and resorts. The Maui Film Festival each year bring the stars out at night with wonderful films and award presentations. Clint Eastwood is one of the award winners in recent years.
Local theater is alive and well on Maui and we even have our own historic theater for plays, events and movies, in Wailuku on Market Street. The Iao Theater is reported to have been a location for the premiere of theDevil at Four O’Clock starring Spencer Tracy and Frank Sinatra and filmed on Maui in 1961.
Don’t forget the canoe races that captivate the island each spring, summer and fall. The competitions between the various canoe clubs on Maui and between Maui and the other islands is stiff but always done fairly. There is also windsurfing, paddle boarding (Maui is the home to the origin of the sport), kite surfing, snorkeling, diving, fishing, golf and tennis. If you enjoys sports, Maui may choose you if you aren’t careful.
With the New Year come new beginnings. Even in Washington, DC, they may start talking to each other and getting the work done. Maybe not everyone wins all the time, but we can do it together.
It has been a good year and this one will be even better. That’s the Maui message and a good one to choose to share —from our family to yours.
Happy New Year.

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