West Side High Forclosure Rates

Makena homes for sale and other Maui properties continue to face the difficulties associated with high foreclosure rates, according to a November 4, 2010 article from the Lahaina News. The report by Mark Vieth stated that “Fear arrives in the mail at hundreds of Maui households each month. In September in West Maui, for example, 71 homeowners received letters that their houses went into foreclosure. Others reported 338 Maui foreclosures in September and 1,617 new filings in the state that month. Hawaii has a non-judicial foreclosure law (HRS 667) that gives mortgage companies the authority to foreclose on a property without court approval. If an owner falls behind two months on house payments, the mortgage company can simply submit an affidavit to the state Bureau of Conveyances to be stamped, received and filed.”

Lahaina News