Social Media – How to Improve your Business

At the Malcolm Center today, located at the High Tech Maui Institute, was a lecture on “Social Media and How to Improve your Business”.

With the population being 50% around the age of 30, the media choices are going to shift. The email usage will fase out and the more personal medias like messaging and blog commenting will be more utilized.

The “old” marketing has been a commercial or email telling you something, but mainly speaking ‘AT’ you.

The “new” marketing is all about engaging in ‘CONVERSATIONS’.

Doing business today means nurturing relationships and participating in conversations like blogs and instant messaging.

Marketing your business instead of getting your name out there and being “branded” visually is changing to a personal level. Consumers are wanting to do business with the vendors that are involved. The vendors that they see commenting on blogs and posting pictures and videos.

The relationships are to be nutured and to optimise your consumer feedback is to use topic angles that are funny, entertaining, or use tips n recipies. Dont try to sell, instead try being personal.

Below are some media facts to make you think;

-55 million tweets a day are happening.

-1 out of 8 couples meet online

-80% of companies use social media sites for recruitment or background checks

-YouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google

-25% of Newspapers have gone under due to internet media

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