News and Updates

Maui’s visitor spending was up 25.2% over last

March to $257.7M, and spending per person per

day was up 9.4% to $175.20 for the same


The Maui News, 04/29/10


Alaska Airlines made two announcements on

additional routes, adding a second year-round,

daily service between Portland, Oregon and

Honolulu starting September 20th ( the airline

currently flies between Portland and Maui) and a

nonstop daily flight between Kahului, Maui and

San Diego, California beginning October 1st.

Travel Weekly 4/13/10 and Pacific Business News, 04/22/10


The sale of the luxury Hotel Hana-Maui to

privately held, Amstar Group LLC (Amstar), was

announced, and the deal is expected to close in

May 2010. This is the third property ownership

change within eighteen months. Amstar’s

subsidiary, Green Tea LLC, will manage the

property. The Denver-based real estate

investment and development company plans to

revamp operations of the 66-room boutique

hotel, which will mean short-term job reductions.

The Honolulu Advertiser and The Maui News, 04/21/10