Prepare Your Home for Sale

The majority of home buyers begin their search for a home on the Internet, and they want to see a lot of pictures before they 

spend the time to view a property, says home stager Judy Colburn in a blog post on EnergizedSeller. 



Here are the Top 4 Tips:


1. Make a good first impression. A home’s exterior should be welcoming and inviting. Clean the windows. Paint the trim. Add seasonal flowers. Clear up clutter and debris. 


2. Be ready to show. A for-sale home needs to be ready to be shown to buyers at all times. Don’t leave dishes in the sink. Dust the furniture and sweep the floors daily. Make the beds. Put the toilet seat down. 


3. Kitchens sell homes. Replace or update old cabinets and counters. Clear off tables and countertops. Everything should be clean, fresh and sparkling! 


4. De-personalize your home. Pack away collections, personal photos and unused items. Buyers should be able to focus on your house, not your belongings.