The Federal Reserve just announced they will buy up to $300B in Treasury Bonds (see attached).  As a result, we feel interest rates will move lower and recommend the following:
1)      YOUR TIME TO BUY PROPERTY IS NOW!  Phenominal property values  are there for your easy picking.
2)      Whether you are buying or refinancing, it is really important to Get in “Ready Position” by choosing a lender and preparing any documents they deem necessary to be in “ready position” at the moment rates are lower
3)      “Watch the Market” for the best interest rates and then “Lock” when rates actually drop which sometimes can be for a very short period of time.  Be sure the lender of your choice is prepared too and has your interest for the best interest rate as their priority.
If you would like a lender list of agents recommended to us by our clients, we would be happy to email you one.